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2020 Campaign Maps

System 47-35



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Theta Euphorion


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The Navis Primer

Battlefleet Koronus

Faith and Coin

Hostile Acquisitions

Into The Storm

Stars of Inequity

The Koronus Bestiary


2018-2019 Campaign Map

1 - The Koronus Expanse Legacy 1 - Are You Ready For Some Footfall.jpg (2613255 bytes)

Act 1: Are you ready for some Footfall?




Campaign Map

Astrosynthesis Map - The Calixis Sector

Astrosynthesis Map - The Koronus Expanse


Koronus Expanse Map 2.jpg (1078252 bytes)

Act 1: The World of Ashant

Koronus Expanse Map 01 Campaign Begins.jpg (2508315 bytes)

Act 2: The Subjugation of Iniquity

Koronus Expanse Map 02 Subjugation of Iniquity.jpg (2514925 bytes)

Act 3: A Friend In Need

Koronus Expanse Map 03 A Friend In Need.jpg (2516292 bytes)

Act 4: The Soul Reaver

Koronus Expanse Map 05 To Boldly Go - Copy.jpg (2581699 bytes)

Act 5: To Boldly Go

System 710-16.jpg (191869 bytes)

Act 6: The Long Road Home

Koronus Expanse Map 06 The Long Road Home.jpg (2585340 bytes)

Act 7: Euclid and Orkimedes

Koronus Expanse Map 07 Euclid and Orkimedes.jpg (2588211 bytes)

Act 8: Maquin's Tomb

Koronus Expanse Map 08 Maquin's Tomb.jpg (2588211 bytes)

Act 9: The Burnscour Run

Koronus Expanse Map 09 The Burnscour Run.jpg (2623083 bytes)

Act 10: Black Atlantis

Koronus Expanse Map 10 Black Atlantis.jpg (2622863 bytes)

Act 11: Something Falls Off

Koronus Expanse Map 11 Something Falls Off.jpg (2635525 bytes)

Act 12: Ice Pirates!

Koronus Expanse Map 12 Ice Pirates.jpg (2643544 bytes)

Act 13: A Dying Hive

Koronus Expanse Map 13 A Dying Hive Part 2.jpg (2673179 bytes)


System 710/16


Supplemental Material

Allies, Adversaries and Bestiary



The Fell Hand




Stygian Reavers

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