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Army Roster

TF Codexes

Codex Cult Mechanicus

Codex Exodites

Codex Harlequins

Codex Lost and the Damned

Codex Soul Forge (Dark Mechanicus)


TF Historical Campaign Packs

M30 - The Great Crusades (May 2009)

Eldar Pack

Imperial Pack

Necron Pack

Ork Pack

Tempestus Pack


M31 - The Horus Heresy (September 2009)

Forces of the Emperor

Forces of the Warmaster


M31 - The Siege of Terra (May 2010)


Eldar Pack

Ork Pack


M36 - The Age of Apostasy (September 2006)

Age of Apostasy Pack


M41 - 13th Black Crusade (September 2008)

Chaos Pack

Lost and the Damned Pack

Eldar Pack

Imperial Pak


M41 - 2nd Tyrannic War (September 2007)

2nd Tyrannic War Pack


M41 - Damocles Gulf Campaign (May 2008)

Imperial Pack

Ork Pack

Tau Pack

Damocles Gulf Crusade Pack


M41 - The Badab War (March 2011, ongoing)

Into The Maelstrom (March, 2011)

Tyrant of the Maelstrom