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Astrosynthesis Map - The Calixis Sector

Astrosynthesis Map - The Koronus Expanse

Campaign Outline


This campaign arc is set on the planet Necromunda, within the adamantine shell of Hive Primus, and introduces the players to the setting and sets them on a path to save Hive Primus from total damnation.

Prologue: Introductions and Location Notes

Chapter 1: The future ain't what it used to be

Chapter 2: There is no "I" in lynch mob

Chapter 3: Where are we going? And what's with this handbasket?

Chapter 4: All the best plans involve promethium

Epilogue: Better the Daemon you know



At this point the players have proven themselves worthy to become Acolytes under the umbrella of the Inquisition, and their patron Inquisitor bundles them off to the Calixis Sector. I'm planning on running the Purge the Unclean adventures during these months, but since I don't have any info specific to them they're just placeholders. When they're released I'll post my take on the adventures!

Chapter 5: Rejoice for you are true

Chapter 6: Shades of twilight

Chapter 7: Baron hopes



At the conclusion of Purge the Unclean, the Acolytes have become strong in their faith and valuable to the Inquisition. At this point, they have been deemed worthy of further enlightenment, and move into the trusted circle of acolytes their patron Inquisitor has gathered. While not quite members of his personal retinue, the following missions will cement their place in history as they strive to thwart the machinations of none other than Ahriman of the Thousand Sons and his bid to enter the Black Library. This section is primarily in the plot hook stage as I have a good seven months before it happens.

Chapter 8: Something Wyrd this way comes

Hook: Deep in the hives of Fenksworld there has been an increase in psychic disturbances. The Acolytes must uncover the reason behind this, and discover that a minor house is to blame - House Malzaar has made a dark pact with agents of chaos in an attempt to increase their local standing. Of course, the ruinous powers have their own agenda, and behind the scenes Ahriman is using this period of upheaval to attempt access to the Library of Knowledge. The adventure takes the Acolytes from deep within the most urban setting imaginable to the seemingly pastoral frontier world of Kudrun, and discover that the two worlds have a terrible secret on common.

Chapter 9: Bad things come to those who wait, too

Hook: A small interlude in the campaign arc, the players are in transit between Fenksworld and Mephele in their quest to thwart Ahriman's plans. The acolytes stumble across a derelict spacecraft - once on board they discover that it is an Eversor Temple Rapid Deployment Craft that has been holed by micrometeorites and vast sections of the ship have decompressed, killing everyone(?) on board. A number of sus-an pods have lost power and life support, killing the entombed assassins. However, one pod still contains a viable Eversor, and either due to mechanical fault or some acolyte pressing the WRONG button, it decants and suddenly the acolytes have to deal with a ravening combat monster stalking them through a ruined hulk of a spaceship.

Chapter 10: There are 10 types of people: Those that speak binary and those that don't.

Hook: Borrowing heavily from the chaos cults list on the ASP, the party Techpriest will be called in to observe and monitor developments at the Collegium Metaphysicum on Mephele. Once there the Acolytes discover evidence of evildoing, leading them to Divisio Sigma and a Tzeentchian Chaos Cult that has infiltrated the station via the Warpdrive Calculator. Under the disguise of his research, Arch-Magos Amadeus Hecht is attempting to build a warp gate that will open a conduit and allow all sorts of awfulness to run rampant in the material plane. Naturally the Acolytes should attempt to stop this blasphemy before Hecht opens the rift. In doing so they gain insight into Ahriman's next stop, a blockaded world on the outskirts of the sector.

Chapter 11: Don't start anything you can't finish - Preferably, to component atoms.

Hook: Seedworld AFG:218 holds a map to an ancient Eldar webway gate located in a nearby system, and the players must evade the Battlefleet Calixis blockade and stop Ahriman from reaching the information (of course for plot reasons Ahriman will nevertheless divine the location of the gate). Help from an unlikely source becomes available, as a troupe of Eldar Harlequins find their goals coincide with the players and offer to accompany them on their quest to keep Ahriman from entering the Black Library.

Chapter 12: So long, and thanks for all the Heresy

Hook: The Second Rubric of Ahriman comes to a conclusion with the final confrontation between the Acolytes, their patron Inquisitor, the Harlequins, Ahriman and the Thousand Sons. Assuming anybody lives through it, the surviving players are congratulated and elevated to become members of the Inquisitor's personal retinue, while the dead are mourned. This marks the end of the campaign, with the players reaching their career exits and generally saving the entire galaxy from oblivion.

Supplemental Material

Allies, Adversaries and Bestiary


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